Swipe Technique – Acrylic Pouring Techniques – Using Sheleeart Pouring Medium

Hello Everyone! Swipe technique! Hope you enjoy!

Pouring Medium Mixing video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVa2rMJm7jo

House Paint: Valspar Brilliant white silk 

Pouring medium: My equivalent to Sheleeart

3 parts Valspar wood and metal v700, interior gloss, base C

1 part polyurethane gloss varnish (try to get a triple thick one)

Cell Activator: Australian Flood Floetrol and Amsterdam Titanium White 1:1 ratio


Cell Activator: Lamp Black or Titanium White (AMSTERDAM) and water only! thinned down until your practice puddle explodes with cells! (See tutorial video for more information) 

Credits: Shelee Carruthers for the Pouring Medium Recipe (Online Course)

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Sheleeart Online Course: https://sheleeart.com.au

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