Swipe Acrylic Pour/Ghost Swipe/Inverted Swipe/Trees on a River

Acrylic pours can be interpreted in many ways and this painting is like that. With a touch of silicone creating great texture and the vibrant green colors make this ghost swipe/Inverted swipe pop.

Acrylic pouring or fluid art involves a variety of techniques –swipes pours, dutch pours, ring pour, open cup pours, dirty pour to name a few. It combines the use of pouring medium and acrylic paint. The creative use of color in acrylic pouring give my works a sense of rhythm and motion as the paints flow together. I like to call it flow motion art.

My name is Lauren and I find working with color completely compelling and draw inspiration from natural surroundings in many of my works. Hence, the name of some of my art works – Seafoam Sunrise, Space Nebular, Underwater Garden, Sunflowering, Shore Break, Firefly, Splash.
Many of my art works are the combination of multiple canvas whether it be a diptych, triptych or more. I enjoy doing acrylic pour paintings on a single large canvas too.

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I am an Australian living in the USA. My husband an I moved here 2 and half year ago. Since moving to the States I turn my artistic hobby of acrylic pours into much more. Now I do festivals, have a website and have begun a you tube channel.
Follow along as I release new clips of my acrylic pours.

A little bit about me the painter:
I am a messy painter. I love working with bright colors and I loose track of time when I’m in the studio



Music: www.bensound.com


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