Meet Now What? The essential new podcast for evolving designers

With so much of the design world focused on what you see on your screen, sometimes it’s what you hear that can really change your perspective.

Now What?, a new podcast by Wix, shares insights and outlooks from today’s top entrepreneurs and creative leaders to give you a fuller picture of what’s to come tomorrow. In each episode, you’ll hear from different trailblazers in the design, business and development industries on how they’re evolving not just to match the moment, but to inspire a new way forward.

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A podcast about how technology is changing… everything.

In a post-pandemic world, staying on top of the industry means embracing change. It means reassessing the way we interact with technology, the way we work, the way we solve big problems, and the way we handle, well, just about everything. Specializing in just one aspect of design is no longer enough, and designers now have to have a more holistic view of the industry to keep their competitive edge.

But no need to schedule yet another Zoom meeting or online course to stay at the top of your game. Now What? Host Rob Goodman, Executive Producer at Wix, is here to give you a master class in what’s to come. Rob’s a marketer, illustrator, and podcaster who’s supported countless startups, ran content strategy at InVision, helped launch Google Play, and led online marketing at Simon & Schuster.

Where are design and development headed next? What new economic and career opportunities are coming down the pike for designers?

Get answers to your most pressing questions with insights from creatives, for creatives in a podcast series from Wix that’s all about technology and evolution. What can you do now to get a jumpstart on upcoming trends in the industry? Where are design and development headed next? And what new economic and career opportunities are coming down the pike for designers?

Join Rob as he speaks with some of his influential friends from the industry to get a sense of how they embrace change, and how you can apply their life lessons to your own work.

Guests include

  • Ire Aderinokun: Co-Founder, COO and VP Engineering at BuyCoins, on how cryptocurrency is unlocking new economic and business opportunities worldwide
  • Shanna Tellerman: Founder and CEO at Modsy, on how virtual reality and 3D modeling are changing how we interact with websites and shop online
  • Trevor Hubbard: Global CEO at Butchershop

, on how anticipating failure led to one of his most successful projects
  • Aarron Walter: Acting Director of Product for US COVID Response at Resolve to Save Lives, on leveraging design to help communities navigate a global pandemic
  • Joy Cho: Founder and Creative Director at Oh Joy!, on how to start and grow a creative business on your own terms

A master class in technology and evolution

Now What? was created to give designers the answers they need for tomorrow, from the people who have risen to take on the challenges of today.

Now, what you do with their stories is up to you.

You can listen to Now What? by subscribing or following on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, or anywhere else where podcasts are streamed.

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