Ghost Swipe Acrylic Pour – With One of My Favorite Color Combos

This Ghost Swipe Acrylic Pour combines some of my favorite colors that are hard for me to use in an acrylic pour. (Namely Orange) While It’s really showing up as red in the video and photographs, in real life the final results look much softer, and “orangy” (is that a real word?) This ghost swipe is one of my favorite pours to date. I would say that it is up for sale, but my son already claimed it for his room.

hope you enjoy the video, and it helps you on your acrylic paint pouring journey!
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Materials Used:
Base: Artist Loft Flow Acrylic White
Golden Fluid Acrylic Green Gold
Golden Fluid Acrylic Teal
Golden Fluid AcrylicIrridescent Gold Fine
Golden Fluid Acrylic Pyrrole Orange

10×20 inch canvas

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