Amazing!! Acrylic Paint Pouring Swipe Technique – AMAZING CELLS!!! Fluid Art – BLACK & GOLD

Enjoy this video done with the acrylic pouring swipe technique using cell activator amazing cells! Learn how to do a painting just like this. Artist Loft, Decoart Metallics, Amsterdam. This step by step how to Tutorial will teach you how to create a painting like this!

Products used for this painting include:
Artists Loft Flow Acrylics
Decoart Metallic Acrylics
Amsterdam Titanium White

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Fluid art is an abstract art form which involves working with a fluid medium along with various colorants/paints.

If you are just starting out your own adventure with this creative art form then my channel is perfect for you! You will have access to all of my latest tutorials which will teach you step by step how to create fluid abstract art. My channel is for everyone, whether you’re a beginner, an established artist, or if you just enjoy watching the mesmerizing art unfold.

I hope you find this tutorial informative, helpful, and it gives you inspiration to make your own beautiful work of art!

Abstract Amber is a channel dedicated as a learning platform. You will find several fluid art forms. There are several art techniques shown, demonstrations, step by step tutorials, and experiments! These include: acrylic pour painting, resin art, alcohol inks, geode art, sculptures, and many other mixed media!

Art is a passion of mine. Sharing it with others is a way to harness that passion and creativity. To some, it may seem like a simple and easy thing to do, but I assure you it takes a great deal of patience, skill, extensive research, time, and a lot of experimenting. I hope you too can find enjoyment and inspiration with this innovative and expressive modern art form! Thank you for watching!


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