Acrylic Swipe Tutorial – Acrylic Swipe Technique for Beginners – Acrylic Swipe with Silicone

The swipe techniques is one of the easiest to use to get amazing cells and this acrylic swipe tutorial for beginners is just what you need to get started.

In this video we’ll do an acrylic pour swipe with and without silicone. We’ll be using four different swipe tools including a laminate sheet, paper towel, icing spatula, and a putty knife and we’ll show you the difference between swiping with thicker paint as opposed to a thinner consistency.

In this video we use Arteza Premium acrylic paints ( use code *LEFTBRAINED for 15% off your next order*) that are mixed four parts floetrol ( to one part paint (4:1) with a little additional water to get the right consistency.

How Much Paint to Use for an Acrylic Pour –

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