Acrylic Swipe, Acrylic Ring Pour Painting, Two for One :)

COZ Creations demonstrations and techniques used in this video include:
Paints Used:

Golden Zinc White
Artist Loft Flow Acrylics Black
Pourage Posse Gold Rush
Golden High Flow Iridescent Gold
Decoart Satin Enamel White
Golden Fluid Iridescent Silver
Decoart Metallics Sterling Silver

Pouring Medium: 50% Flood Floetrol / 50% Golden Gac 800 “Mix” Pouring Medium used to thicken paints when needed.

Paint to PM Ratio: 1 part paint to 2.5 parts PM (Golden fluid paints 1 part paint to 3 parts PM)

“Mix” Pouring Medium Available at
Pourage Posse Paints available on Facebook Pourage Posse or

Stay Well Painting Peeps. Thanks for joining me 🙂

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