#7645 Compelling Floetrol Keyhole Swipe Simple Color Palet Fluid Acrylic Pouring Art 12.26.2020

#7645 Compelling Floetrol Keyhole Swipe Simple Color Palet Fluid Acrylic Pouring Art 12.26.2020

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I am using a 16 ” x 20″ stretched canvas. All the paints I use are acrylic paints mixed with additives to help them flow more easily. All my colors are stored and mixed in squeeze bottles for ease of use. A propane torch is cautiously passed over the surface of the canvas to release any air in the paint that might result in bubbles forming while the artwork dries or leaving pockmarks if left to pop on their own. Warming the paint will also often encourage patterns to emerge because the paint in combination with the Floetrol used in my pouring mix encourages cells to form.

My “pouring” mixture is 3/4 Floetrol with 1/4 (estimated) GAC800 from “Golden” (prevents cracking and adds shine to dry artwork.)mix into it thoroughly. Depending on the paint the amounts of color can vary. I like to begin with half pouring mixture and half color. After that is mixed VERY thoroughly I add more pouring mixture until the viscosity (thickness) is like warm hone. If I want it thinner I add more Pouring mixture. If the color is not strong enough I add more pigment. When mixing colors my amounts are always estimated and then altered to get the right consistency I like. I use plastic squeeze bottles with measurements on the side. I add a marble into the bottle to aid in the mixing process. Marbles work well but exercise caution if you end up with more than one they will shatter in the mixture eventually. It’s imperative (Important) that all mixture be shaken thoroughly once before using in any session the first every time! The consistency is usually medium “body” weight, but other weights are usable with minor adjustments.

All my acrylic paints are mixed in advance and contained and stored in squeeze bottles. If you are not using squeeze bottles, I suggest using a container that has a tight-fitting lid or seals the container with Glad sticky wrap. I have often used the 4oz size plastic deli containers, and the paint keeps for a long time in them, but you must stir before using the mix again. Floetrol and other flow agents will rise to the top between uses. None of my acrylic paint has any added silicone. To create the pearlescent effects seen in most of my artworks, I use “Golden’s” Iridescent pearl “Fine” added to colors. I add a good squirt directly into whatever I am mixing in. I recommend experimenting to find out how much is enough for your ideal shimmer.

Every day I learn new things. I will never stop experimenting, and I am happy to share what I discover with you.
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#7645 wet, shown in this video.


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